The Tantric & Ayurvedic Healing Center of Katmandu is led by Kedar Upreti, representing seven generations in a long lineage of healers. The tantric healing center has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for many years and will continue to bring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to all who need it.

Tantra and Ayurveda are the age-old healing sciences of India, Tibet and Nepal. Ayurveda promotes healing through natural medicines, changes in diet, yoga and special treatments like massage, purification, etc... Tantra approaches healing from a more spiritual point of view, using rituals and meditative practices to change the energy surrounding the patient and affect the karmic origin of disease. More information here...

The Tantric Healing Center in Katmandu is located near the Katmandu city center, near Dilli Bazaar Road. As Katmandu airport is the start- and endpoint of most holiday trips in Nepal, one can easily visit the center during a Nepal holiday. It is required however to contact the Tantric Healing Center well in advance of your visit, as Kedar Upreti also regularly makes healing tours in Europe.

Tantric healing treatments can vary in type and also duration. Sometimes, just one hour is enough, while in other cases one or more weeks will be needed. First, a diagnosis must be made during the first visit at the center.

According to our tantric healing tradition, treatments should never have fixed fees. Every patient gives a donation for the healing as they are able, in support of the healing work done by the Kathmandu center. It is also possible to use the Paypal donation button located on the right side of each page of this website, even if you do not have a Paypal account.

So please, feel welcome to contact us without any obligation. May you be blessed by the spirit of healing always.

In tantric healing, first a diagnosis is needed
If you like to support this organisation or maybe express gratitude for a healing received, you can make a donation through Paypal. No Paypal account is needed.




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