The Tantric & Ayurvedic Healing Center of Katmandu

By donation only

It is in the family tradition of Kedar Upreti to work by donation rather than fixed fees. While being a Tantric healer is a profession like any other, it is also a vocation and a service to humanity.

However, Tantric healing is not a hobby. Life in this modern world is expensive, even in Kathmandu. When people consider what donation to give, they may of course take into account what they can give. On the other hand, just paying for the medicines and the items used in the rituals is really not enough. Tantric and Ayurvedic healing requires time from the whole family of Kedar Upreti, which has no other way to make ends meet. To be able to do this kind of healing also requires daily meditation and ritual, in order to maintain the healing powers, while this is not seen by the visitors.

Last but certainly not least the patient should also consider the karmic aspect of the donation. Usually people come here to solve a problem that many other docters and therapists have been unable to solve. When that happens, one cannot avoid feeling lucky in escaping a clearly karmic disease. If ones response to this again is creating bad karma, it is really not a good idea, even if every person remains divinely free to do so.