Planning a healing holiday

Planning your visit to Nepal

The Thamel area is just one of many beautiful tourist areas of Kathmandu.
Maybe you are already planning to take a holiday in Nepal and now see the possibility to visit our healing center at the same time ? Or maybe you want to visit our healing center anyhow, so why not combine it with a nice holiday in the mighty Himalayas ?

As most visits to Nepal start and end in Katmandu, it is easy to make the combination possible without much extra effort.

In any case, it is advisable to visit the center upon arrival in Nepal, so that first a diagnosis can be made. Maybe the treatment can happen there and then, maybe it will need more time. Maybe some medicines will need to be taken for a while and then the result can be evaluated and some other medicines can be given along on the way home. In many cases, two visits with some time in between works very well.

You can stay at one of the many hotels nearby and come to the center for the treatment as needed.

Kathmandu also offers many beautiful temples and other places worth visiting during that period and we can of course also advise you on where to go. The Himalas of course offer many once in a lifetime trekking opportunities for those that are able. For those that are too weak, Kathmandu offers beautiful natural scenes just outside the city valley and modern tourism and shopping facilities.