Tripur Bhairavi

Bhairavi is the Shakti of Bhairava, the ruthless Shiva, the warrior for peace. Tripur Bhairavi destroys the nine impediments of mind: sickness, incompetence, doubt, delusion, sloth, nonabstention, erroneous conception, nonattainment of any yogic state and the inability to stay in a yogic state.

She is the active aspect of the Kundalini energy in the first chakra. She is radiant like the rising sun, wearing red garments and a garland of human heads. She makes the upward movement of energy possible and acts like a saviour of those who desire progress. Her worship leads the devotee to experience the upward flow of the seminal fluid. She helps those who have overcome lust, anger, avarice, spiritual ignorance, pride, and envy. Without the grace of Tripur Bhairavi, Tantrics may have a terrifying Kundalini experience.

Many thanks to Pieter Weltevrede of Sanatan Society to allow us to use his painting image.

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