The influence of the planetary systems

Vedic Astrology

According to the Tantric Healing view, we produce our own karma, but this karma is manifested through the intermediate of the vedic planets. The nine planets are seen as manifestations of Lord Vishnu, the preserver. Thus they serve to preserve the universe by bringing balance wherever there is imbalance.

The vedic planet Rahu.
Where knowledge is needed, Jupiter will rise. Where a fight is needed to protect the universe, Mars will do the job, etc... While these planets are themselves also highly evolved spiritual energies, they do not do their work "all by themselves". Each of them is aided by a large number of devoted spiritual energies that may affect our lives quite directly, in order to balance our karmic impressions. Some of the planets that are mostly related to physical or emotional imbalances are Rahu, Ketu and Saturn (Shani), though any planet can be the cause.

In that, they bring us only what we want to receive, on a subconscious level. If subconsciously we feel guilty about something, then we may ourselves invite a suitable punishment, for example through the intermediate of energies related to the planet Saturn. Or if we feel subconsciously very much in need of affection, the energies belonging to the planet Venus will help us to find it. These are just simplified examples of what is really quite a complex, magical process of vibrations resonating with other vibrations, the interaction between our karmic impressions and the spiritual world.

As a result, the Tantric Healer will always consult the horoscope of the patient to see which planets are affecting the disease or mental/emotional instability. Specific rituals and medicines are then used to bring the planetary energies back to balance. Having a karmic disease means that some "payment" needs to be made. However, through ritual "payments" that are offered as a "substitute", the disease can be removed.

As you contact the Kathmandu Centre, you might already in advance have your horoscope made. Thus already from a distance, at least part of the diagnosis can be made. Thus it may be easier to estimate what could be the result of visiting the centre for a healing session. Contact us for more details.